How to Exceed Guest Expectations by Reconcepting Resort Amenities

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Oct 12, 2016 12:48:09 PM
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As the hospitality landscape evolves to cater to rising guest expectations and increased marketplace competition, industry professionals are seeing a trend in the elimination of amenities that were once standard as well as the evolution of others.

Money Magazine recently published an article profiling twelve amenities that are no longer the norm in hotels and resorts. Read on to discover 3 key items from Money's top-12 list and learn what your resort can do to adapt.

Treating WiFi as a Guest Expectation, not an Amenity


The exclusivity of free WiFi is no longer a viewed as a benefit by discerning luxury travelers. Many resorts, restaurants, and even retail stores have free WiFi available for guests or passersby. For hospitality professionals to keep pace, Money recommends making, "in-room Wi-Fi free for all guests, or at least those who sign up for the hotels’ free loyalty programs."  As internet usage becomes more integral to guests' every day lives, offering complimentary WiFi becomes more of a standard than a benefit and 'add-on fees' can make for a less than satisfactory experience for some guests. Hoteliers who rise to meet these expectations can elevate themselves above the competition.


Reimagining Room Service with Innovative Delivery Options

Room service is a costly amenity, quickly disappearing from many hotel offerings. The steep markups make customers averse to purchasing, printing,  and the need for 24/7 staff operations, help chisel away at profits. Most properties will call it a 'necessary loss leader' and find that they do not profit from the service.

Of course, simply removing the in-room dining option is not acceptable as guests will expect this amenity as a service standard. Hospitality providers need to look no further than the example set by the innovative team  at the Inn at Windmill Lane located in the heart of the famed New York, Hamptons. 


 The Inn brilliantly adopted the 'Seamless' model of  food delivery, giving guests a virtually unlimited set of in-room dining options to choose from by placing select local vendors and high-end eateries, on the Incenitient in-room  interactive guest experience installed on specially provisioned Apple iPads in each room. Guests who like to dine-in, can easily browse menus, and place orders, from the Hamptons' best scene and be seen restaurants, with the touch of a finger. The food is delivered or picked up by hotel staff, who then plate it, and deliver it to guests as thier in-room dining experience. This creative and personalized service is a win win as the resort efficiently expanded their in-room dining offering, and optimized staff and cost efficiencies while at the same time creating a distinct market differentiator for their brand experience. 

Enhancing the Front Desk Service with Intuitive Customization


The time is now for hotels and luxury resorts to revolutionize front desk service. More reception areas are adopting the look and feel of an upscale lounge or bar, and integrating iPad-based service stations into their welcome experience. These customized service areas can exceed guest expectations by not only providing standard check-in but an array of other options as well. Travelers can browse food and cocktail menus recommendations of activities to enhance their stay.

These types of automated and intuitive interfaces are truly the future of the hospitality industry. By utilizing flexible, custom software, hoteliers can tap into previously unknown guest behavior information and preferences. The possibilities are endless using more intelligent and adaptable technologies to service guests.


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