Restaurants Discover Recipe for Increased Beverage Sales in 2017

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Jan 19, 2017 11:42:26 AM
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man-hands-working-technology.jpgWith winter hitting and the end of year approaching, restaurants are seeking new ways to excite and delight guests. As emerging mobile technology has allowed for new, engaging menu experiences, restaurants have increasingly discovered the recipe for success in time for the new year.

According to Full Service Restaurants magazine, digital restaurant menus boost beverage sales by nearly 20%
. Despite initial hesitations many restaurateurs have, Food Table TV suggests digital menus do not replace sommeliers, but instead complement their services and increase the effectiveness of their knowledge.


One of the latest restaurants to jump to the forefront of this trend is Martorano's Atlantic City, the latest opening in Steve Martorano’s growing stable of first-class restaurants. Martorano's is a mainstay of Italian-American cooking in America, with chef and founder Steve having been described as the “most famous cook that nobody knows.” After achieving success with tablet restaurant menus at Martorano's Las Vegas, Martorano's became one of the first to bring this at-the-table technology to Atlantic City.


Using SmartCellar for its interactive dining experience, Martorano's is able to update guests in real-time on menu availability, streamlining the ordering process and complementing the knowledge of their servers and beverage staff. On top of that, using Incentient’s professionally maintained Global Wine Beer and Spirit database, Martorano's Atlantic City offers guests sommelier recommended wines, featured pairings, producer-accurate tasting notes, detailed attribute information, label images and more.


Explore Martorano's the next time you’re in Atlantic City - or near any of their 4 locations nationwide. Looking to explore how our SmartCellar technology can engage guests at your own restaurant? Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

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