For the First Time, Interactive Guest Experience Technology, at Luxury Rentals of Miami Beach

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Sep 15, 2016 5:23:07 PM
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Luxury Rentals of Miami Beach are differentiating themselves from the Inspiratos and Airbnbs' of the world by placing Incentient interactive guest experience technology in each of their luxury resort rental properties. Exclusively designed on a specially configured Apple iPad, Incentient bespoke experiences give guests a full concierge branded by LRMB.

"We live in a world driven by technology, where people’s expectations are higher than ever. Instant gratification, immediate response and information as well as highly personalized solutions are required.  Nowhere is there greater demand for this than in the luxury marketplace where discerning customers, who have adopted technology as a way of life, embrace services and brands who provide it." says Jennifer Martucci, President and Co-Founder of Incentient. "LRMB is known to deliver exceptional experiences to their guests; now their stay will be made even more memorable with the use of this  highly personalized experience technology."

With the Incentient bespoke software solution, guests of LRMB may request a full range of exclusive services and amenities through the dedicated Apple iPad, including: food delivery, restaurant, activity and nightlife reservations, shopping guides, babysitting, activity and charter bookings, housekeeping, custom reading material and more..

Browse below to see a preview of the product in action, and contact Incentient for a personalized consultation to learn more about bespoke interactive solutions.

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