Is Hotel Loyalty Dead? What Hoteliers Need to Know

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Sep 16, 2016 4:25:26 PM
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The luxury traveler in today’s on-demand economy is accustomed to the conveniences of high-quality services. These expectations are permeating the hospitality sector and shaping the future of loyalty programs. Read on to learn how to provide guests with unique and sophisticated personalized experiences they won’t soon forget.

Guests Want to Feel Valued: Here is How to Do It

Brands that rely solely on 'one-size-fits all' reward programs, run the risk of deterring and even losing, meaningful engagement opportunities with today’s jetset. While traditional point systems need not be abandoned, luxury resorts should aim to incorporate personalized interactions to deliver a meaningful guest experience. As Revinate suggests in an article on loyalty trends, hotels should, “consider focusing your efforts on segmenting and targeting your most loyal and active guests with personally relevant offers.”

Connecting with customers through a series of curated interactions is easier with the emergence of sophisticated software management systems. Imagine guests greeted upon arrival with an array of personalized beverage choices as well as ancillary amenity and activity suggestions, targeted specifically for that guest, on a dedicated interactive in-room device. Guests will develop a relationship with your hotel immediately through purposeful interactions with this bespoke and compelling system.


Each time guests interact with the iPad, behavior is stored and monitored by Google analytics. Deep brand loyalty is built upon providing guests more precise and specific experiences utilizing smart data.

A study from Deloitte reveals that Millennials, who are quickly making up the majority of the luxury traveler demographic, are “more interested in unexpected, instant, and personally relevant rewards, versus points…... 66% of Millennial travelers mentioned “unique rewards” as an important factor when selecting a loyalty program.”

Integrative Experiences Benefit Brands and Customers


Executing this type of premium solution as a complement to traditional reward systems is a smart move for both parties. Guests receive curated travel options while hoteliers can more easily identify brand advocates. Unnecessary management costs are cut by utilizing real-time content updates and removing the need for extra staffing to cater to customer orders. Not only that, but there is a greater chance for repeat business. According to Revinate, “By personalizing the service and marketing to your best customers, you can differentiate and win your guests’ loyalty over other hotels and high cost 3rd party channels.”

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