Incentient Technology Now Available for Any Consumer-Facing Venue

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Mar 24, 2016 11:21:26 AM
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Incentient's new platform, a proprietary guest-facing technology, empowers discerning venue owners to increase revenue and enhance consumer experience.

Incentient interactive touch-screen media applications have previously been reserved excusively for hotels, resorts, pro sports stadiums, and leading fine dining restaurants, but now all types of consumer-facing venues can leverage the power of Incentient technology. 

The expansion of the Incentient Technology platform to additional consumer venues reflects the company's ongoing commitment to connecting business owners directly to their clients.

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Savvy, consumer-conscious venues of all types are now utilizing Incentient Technology to enhance their guests' experiences.


Guests can request access to all property amenities including but not limited to; room service, concierge services, spa offerings, tee times, on and off property restaurant reservation, valet and bell services, local attractions, shopping information and more.



Arenas and stadiums can greet fans with the ultimate in-suite responsive experience. Suite guests place food orders, request delivery times, shop team merchandise, watch replays, participate in loaded ticket offerings, purchase tickets for future events and feel the ultimate in-suite service through instant 2-way communication with arena staff.



Some of the world's finest restaurants have applied Incentient technology to rid themselves of the heavy, leather-bound wine lists that are traditionally presented to guests. With digital restaurant menus, guests can discover the menu in more ways than ever. For examples, guests can sort the wine list by region, price, and type, discover food and beverage pairings, sift through high-resolution imagery to help make smarter selections and select menu items directly from the device. On average, restaurants have experienced between 9%-30% increase in revenue after installing Incentient interactive dining experiences.



Doctor's Office
Patients can now directly connect to their care providers before, during, and after their physician visit. Featured treatments, spa service offerings, photo galleries, product portfolios, medical services and new patient paperwork are just some of the ways patients can access their providers from Incentient devices.



Airport Lounges
Passengers can view key information to enhance their airport experience, such as flight information, key weather conditions, lounge menu options and valuable nutrition information.


Infinitely customizable, Incentient technology optimizes staff efficiency and drives additional revenue while enhancing the consumer experience. Learn more about Incentient's capabilities by clicking below:

Incentient Technology



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