Luxury Hotel Digital Marketing: 3 Faux Pas

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Aug 18, 2015 4:27:00 PM
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Not getting the ‘bang’ you were expecting from your hotel digital marketing strategy? In many ways, even seemingly-minor flaws in your guest's purchasing journey can have major implications for your brand. Below are some of the most common reasons why your luxury hotel brand isn’t getting the results you were expecting:

1. Failing to measure ROI

After spending time and money into a bespoke guest experience, hotels would be foolish not to measure the return on those investments. In-room hotel technology allows hotel brands to tap into best-in-class data so they can optimize their guest experiences.

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2. "Hate selling" to guests

Skift just recently coined the term “hate-selling,” which refers to travel companies that actually make it difficult for guests to spend money, from horrendously designed booking sites, to hitting guests with all kinds of surcharges, to overly-aggressive upsell tactics on booking sites. Hotels must remember that technology is a reflection of the brand and must be designed to make processes simpler and more efficient.


3. Replacing staff with technology

In a recent J.D. Power and Associates’ study of North American hotel guests, data suggests travelers care more about their experience, which is greatly enhanced by face-to-face interaction with hotel employees despite the advent of new technology. The fact is, even in today's tech-driven age, discerning guests still demand face-to-face interaction. The brands that succeed are the ones who truly deliver by meeting guests at the perfect intersection of technology and personal service.


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