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Mrs. Martucci heads Incentient’s product direction from application design through final production of Beta software and hardware platforms. Also directing Incentient’s marketing efforts, Mrs. Martucci’s vision carries through from product inception to client acceptance. Prior to founding Incentient, Mrs. Martucci served as a strategic consultant to Pfizer Corporation from 2006 to 2008. Prior to her consultancy to Pfizer, Mrs. Martucci served as founder and Chief Executive officer of GPSTracks, LLC from 2001 to 2006 during which time she was awarded 15 technology patents. GPSTracks was a technology start-up that invented and manufactured a satellite tracking device for pets. Successfully acquired by a fortune 500 company, Mrs. Martucci directed the company from the invention phase through strategic exit in 5 years. Prior to GPSTracks, Mrs. Martucci was an entrepreneur in the event planning business, and worked as a licensed real estate professional in New York.
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Restaurants Discover Recipe for Increased Beverage Sales in 2017

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Jan 19, 2017 11:42:26 AM

With winter hitting and the end of year approaching, restaurants are seeking new ways to excite and delight guests. As emerging mobile technology has allowed for new, engaging menu experiences, restaurants have increasingly discovered the recipe for success in time for the new year.

According to Full Service Restaurants magazine, digital restaurant menus boost beverage sales by nearly 20%
. Despite initial hesitations many restaurateurs have, Food Table TV suggests digital menus do not replace sommeliers, but instead complement their services and increase the effectiveness of their knowledge.

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How to Exceed Guest Expectations by Reconcepting Resort Amenities

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Oct 12, 2016 12:48:09 PM

As the hospitality landscape evolves to cater to rising guest expectations and increased marketplace competition, industry professionals are seeing a trend in the elimination of amenities that were once standard as well as the evolution of others.

Money Magazine recently published an article profiling twelve amenities that are no longer the norm in hotels and resorts. Read on to discover 3 key items from Money's top-12 list and learn what your resort can do to adapt.

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Is Hotel Loyalty Dead? What Hoteliers Need to Know

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Sep 16, 2016 4:25:26 PM

The luxury traveler in today’s on-demand economy is accustomed to the conveniences of high-quality services. These expectations are permeating the hospitality sector and shaping the future of loyalty programs. Read on to learn how to provide guests with unique and sophisticated personalized experiences they won’t soon forget.

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For the First Time, Interactive Guest Experience Technology, at Luxury Rentals of Miami Beach

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Sep 15, 2016 5:23:07 PM

Luxury Rentals of Miami Beach are differentiating themselves from the Inspiratos and Airbnbs' of the world by placing Incentient interactive guest experience technology in each of their luxury resort rental properties. Exclusively designed on a specially configured Apple iPad, Incentient bespoke experiences give guests a full concierge branded by LRMB.

"We live in a world driven by technology, where people’s expectations are higher than ever. Instant gratification, immediate response and information as well as highly personalized solutions are required.  Nowhere is there greater demand for this than in the luxury marketplace where discerning customers, who have adopted technology as a way of life, embrace services and brands who provide it." says Jennifer Martucci, President and Co-Founder of Incentient. "LRMB is known to deliver exceptional experiences to their guests; now their stay will be made even more memorable with the use of this  highly personalized experience technology."

With the Incentient bespoke software solution, guests of LRMB may request a full range of exclusive services and amenities through the dedicated Apple iPad, including: food delivery, restaurant, activity and nightlife reservations, shopping guides, babysitting, activity and charter bookings, housekeeping, custom reading material and more..

Browse below to see a preview of the product in action, and contact Incentient for a personalized consultation to learn more about bespoke interactive solutions.

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Attention Venue Owners: Your Customers Have Major App Fatigue!

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Aug 16, 2016 5:15:34 PM


Whether it is a hotel resort, restaurant, medical office or professional sports arena, it seems nearly every consumer venue has an 'app' meant to engage with today's mobile and tech-savvy customers.

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3 Ways Luxury Resorts are Leveraging Online Platforms to Enhance the Guest Experience

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on May 12, 2016 8:09:24 AM

As technology continues evolving faster than ever before, it’s impacting consumers' expectations and the ways resorts operate. Listed below are 3 trends to help ensure hoteliers are continuing to offer the same standard of luxury their guests are accustomed to in an ever-changing environment.

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On-Demand Economy: What it Means for Luxury Resorts

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on May 11, 2016 3:36:24 PM


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3 Ways for Hoteliers to Compete in the Sharing Economy

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on May 10, 2016 4:25:46 PM

As millions of people continue to turn to home-sharing companies like Airbnb, luxury hotels are looking for a ways to adapt and stay competitive. The cash-strapped traveler is often associated with home-sharing, but the luxury traveler is turning to these services as well, as they provide an ultra-personalized experience and the ability to live like a local. Listed below are three ways hoteliers can stay competitive in the sharing economy.

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5 Benefits of a Digital Compendium for Resorts

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on May 3, 2016 5:31:50 PM

Digital devices are now an inseparable part of modern-day life to stay connected, well informed and entertained. The demand for in-room tech is now higher than ever before, and a bespoke, digital compendium is a great way to feed into that need. Below are 5 ways luxury resorts benefit from moving their compendiums into the modern age.

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Incentient Technology Now Available for Any Consumer-Facing Venue

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Mar 24, 2016 11:21:26 AM

Incentient's new platform, a proprietary guest-facing technology, empowers discerning venue owners to increase revenue and enhance consumer experience.

Incentient interactive touch-screen media applications have previously been reserved excusively for hotels, resorts, pro sports stadiums, and leading fine dining restaurants, but now all types of consumer-facing venues can leverage the power of Incentient technology. 

The expansion of the Incentient Technology platform to additional consumer venues reflects the company's ongoing commitment to connecting business owners directly to their clients.

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