Attention Venue Owners: Your Customers Have Major App Fatigue!

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Aug 16, 2016 5:15:34 PM
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Whether it is a hotel resort, restaurant, medical office or professional sports arena, it seems nearly every consumer venue has an 'app' meant to engage with today's mobile and tech-savvy customers.

And yet, according to TechCrunch, in the last seven years the market has become saturated with apps for all manner of social media and services. The result of this boom is “app fatigue,” which refers to the inability of both brands and consumers to distinguish one app from another. What does this mean for your consumer venue? Read on to learn more.


Customers Need a Reason to Engage

When fewer companies produced apps, there was a sense of excitement among users who could suddenly access their favorite brand or service on their mobile device. But as app usage has become more commonplace, customers' expectations have risen and venues are now required to offer more than ever in new and exciting ways.

“New apps, by in large, are not providing nearly enough value for consumers to come back, and most simply replicate existing experiences with a story of a better design,” says TechCrunch. Consumers are also plagued by over-notification; each time a system updates, or any activity happens within an app, consumers receive an alert. It is easy to understand why users are fatigued and tune out brands that cannot keep customers captivated.


Brands Must Break Through Clutter

When Adjust released its App Store retrospective in 2015, the company noted a steady increase in the number of apps that rarely make it into the category top lists of the iOS App Store. Adjust calls this the “Zombie Rate”. As you might guess, a high Zombie Rate occurs when a large number of apps enter the store and the competition to rank in a the top category list is fierce. “Higher Zombie Rates mean that developers will find it more difficult to get attention for their products,” states the report. As the graph below illustrates, by the end of 2014 a company who released an app most likely fell into the the 82.8% that did NOT achieve organic downloads and installs.


Credit: adjust

Releasing an app into the marketplace is only the start of the workload. Building and maintaining operating systems takes time and money not to mention marketing efforts to aid consumer discovery. As competition grows, so does the likelihood that a brand’s app will remain buried in the store.


Offering New, 'Bespoke' Solutions will Gain and Hold Customer's Attention

In today's world of app clutter, you really have to stand out in order for someone to be interested enough to discover your app, download it and use it. As a way to differentiate themselves from the crowd, consumer venues are applying 'bespoke' interactive solutions to better engage their guests. A bespoke branded interactive experience allows venue owners to customize every aspect of what would be a one size fits all application, to suit not only their brand vision but also the unique aspects of their guest and staff culture, all without having to 'download an app'.

The retail trade were early identifiers of the need to filter and create a bespoke experience for consumers. Brands such as, Barneys, Intermix and Scoop among others have made their name by filtering out the noise and numerous options of the many clothing designers out there to bring shoppers what they believe is the best pieces from the best designers.




For example, upon being escorted to their room, guests at the trendy, Inn at Windmill Lane in the Hamptons, are introduced to a specially provisioned Apple iPad designed exclusively for the Inn, with Incentient's guest experience software. In addition to the stellar customer service provided by the resort staff, the iPad gives guests immediate access and information to all of the services and amenities of the Inn, while at the same time giving them filtered access to the best local venues in the area for shopping, activities and off premise dining.

The iPads, which can be handed out to guests during check-in or conveniently waiting for guests in their room, allow guests to request – room service, spa appointments, area information, etc. and promise an immediate response to guest requests. Guests are able to access and explore all the property and staff have to offer at the touch of a finger, much the same way we utilize our personal devices to access services and information everyday while not on vacation.

With endless possibilities and limitless functionality both front and back of house, each Incentient bespoke interactive experience is uniquely designed for its property partner. Click below to learn more about how the Inn at Windmill Lane utilizes Incentient software to offer memorable experiences to its guests:


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