5 Benefits of a Digital Compendium for Resorts

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on May 3, 2016 5:31:50 PM
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Digital devices are now an inseparable part of modern-day life to stay connected, well informed and entertained. The demand for in-room tech is now higher than ever before, and a bespoke, digital compendium is a great way to feed into that need. Below are 5 ways luxury resorts benefit from moving their compendiums into the modern age.

1. Cutting Costs

Being able to adjust the content in your compendium in real-time, such as the room service menu or directory, can cut printed collateral costs dramatically and keep your guests up-to-date on the latest information. 

ipad-718411_640.jpg2. Longer Interaction Times

The dynamic functionality of a digital compendium leads to longer user interaction times, more opportunities to sell ancillary products and an engaging, fun user experience. 


3. Eliminating Human Errors

Digital compendiums eliminate many human errors made such as miscommunicating a room service order and unrealistic wait times. Digital two-way messaging ensures clear channels of communication between the guest and the hotel. 


4. Improving Staffing Efficiencies

Empowering guests with the ability to make requests discretely and efficiently benefits the hotel by reducing staffing requirements. Eliminating the need for hotel staff to manually enter guest service requests for maintenance, housekeeping, valet, and reservations can reduce costs, optimize staff efficiencies and increase revenue.

Analytics.jpg5. Understanding Your Guest Better

Keeping your guests delighted starts by understanding them. A digital compendium provides the intel you need through reporting and analytics to better tap into guest behavior. What spa package is clicked on most? Which promotions get the best engagement? What times of the day are guests most active with the compendium? Digital compendiums provide the answers to these types of questions.


Want to learn more? Contact Incentient today to learn more about the creative ways hotels have applied digital compendiums to enhance the guest experience. 


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