Hospitality trends: 4 ways hotel-guest relations are changing

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Jul 9, 2015 5:26:00 PM
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We live in a world driven by technology, where people’s expectations are higher than ever. How does this translate to the hospitality industry? Below are 4 key ways technology is changing the relationship between the hotel and the guest.

Hospitality Trends:

 1. Personalization is more important than ever

Today’s tech-savvy, mobile-first travelers are looking for more personalized service that keeps up with their on-the go, up-to-the minute lifestyles. There are simple ways hotels can personalize a guest's stay with in-room technology, from offering unique custom experiences to publishing personalized greetings when guests walk in the door.


2. Immediacy is expected

Nowhere is there greater demand for immediacy than in the luxury marketplace where discerning customers, who have adopted technology as a way of life, embrace services and brands who provide it. Before the popularity of technologies that offered instant gratification, immediate service was a luxury. Today, people demand information at their fingertips, from hourly weather forecasts to hotel information to concierge services. Hotels are now expected to be connected to their guests at all times.


3. Technology can elevate the guest experience while retaining the personal touch of the brand

In the highly competitive hospitality space, hotel companies are increasingly looking to improve the guest experience through high-quality personal service. But in today's tech-driven world, the highest quality service lies at the intersection of technology and personal need, where people and technology work in tandem to deliver memorable experiences. In-room installations like SmartTouch allow guests to have control over their stay. This simultaneously frees up hotel staff to focus on supplying the human interaction that brings the hotel brand to life.


4. The organizations that succeed will be those that truly deliver

As consumer expectations continue to rise, brands that don't adapt to change will be left behind. Looking to stay ahead of the game? Click the button below to learn how to satisfy guest demands and increase revenue with the right in-room technology.

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