3 Ways Luxury Resorts are Leveraging Online Platforms to Enhance the Guest Experience

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on May 12, 2016 8:09:24 AM
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b-elevated.jpgAs technology continues evolving faster than ever before, it’s impacting consumers' expectations and the ways resorts operate. Listed below are 3 trends to help ensure hoteliers are continuing to offer the same standard of luxury their guests are accustomed to in an ever-changing environment.

Room_Service.png 1.Personalized Systems  Through Tech and Staff

 We are in the era of personalization, where  guests expect experiences tailored to them.  The cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all won’t cut it  and resorts are using bespoke tech solutions to help. Whether that’s publishing a personalized welcome message upon arrival via an in-room iPad or real-time updates on room service progress and valet, personalization is more important than ever and hotels are getting creative in how they offer it.


morning-1092771_1920.jpg2. Automated In-Room Controls

Now is the time for hoteliers to invest into room automation systems. In the past, resort guests may have been intimidated by the technology to apply it, due to the tech being too complicated and unfamiliar to the guest’s everyday lifestyle. But in today’s world, the average resort guest is much more familiar with advanced technology and nothing offers a “wow” factor like in-room automation. Controlling the lights, electronics, alarms, and temperature are just some of the ways a resort can add to the guest’s luxury experience. On top of that, wireless technology makes implementing these systems simpler than ever before for resorts

Slide13.jpg3. Integrated, Seamless Technology

Technology today allows consumers to get immediate feedback with two-way communication between the guest and the resort. So when a guest has a reason to get in touch with resort staff, having processes in place to ensure the right person gets notified is a must. For example, if one guest leaves a complaint about not being able to access wi-fi, and another guest wants to communicate with valet, the resort needs to have the technology to be able to send those messages to the proper staff. The mistakes made in not having a seamless process often infuriate the guest and make the resort’s staff inefficient.


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