3 ways hotel social media marketing is changing

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Jun 23, 2015 12:23:00 PM
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A shift is happening in hotel social media marketing. As more brands produce social media content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter. And with the popularity of social media advertising that is prioritized over other content, hotels that are looking to participate for free are not seeing the results. Below are three primary ways social media is changing for the hospitality industry.

 1. Social media CAN directly impact business results

Many hotels are still looking at post engagements (such as Likes, Comments, Retweets, Impressions) alone to determine the effectiveness of their social media marketing. These analytics are important, but they are not the only piece of the puzzle, and they leave the hotel wondering "what does this really mean for our business?" Quality marketing solutions should be able to show you how your efforts are significantly impacting the bottom line, and social networks understand that. The advent of new measurement capabilities gives hotels the power to go beyond fluffy marketing metrics. For example, by adding a tracking pixel to your website, you can use Facebook to retarget your website visitors and show them relevant content that converts them into hotel guests. 


2. Offering value to guests is increasingly important

Hotels used to be able to directly connect to guests with fun, engaging posts that sounded something like this: "Retweet if you would like to be at the beach right now!" Sound familiar? The problem with this post is that it is not incredibly valuable to the guest. Social media networks and search engines are getting smarter at weeding out these posts and instead, they are showing content that is truly engaging and interactive, like posts that include links to relevant travel guides, or content that sparks an ongoing conversation from guests. Value is more important than ever, and overlooking it is a huge mistake


3. Paid social media is no longer optional

Social media networks are aggressively pulling back on the number of people brands can reach for free. This “organic” reach is practically dead on Facebook, and Twitter recently reported that ads make up about 1 in 20 tweets. In other words, if brands really want their message to be seen, they have to pay. The good news? There are smart ways to cut costs elsewhere to dabble in paid advertising without breaking the bank.

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