3 of the Most Lavish Gifts in the Grammy Awards $22K Swag Bag

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Feb 18, 2016 3:10:36 PM
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Businesses dream of their product finding a home in the Grammy's gift bag. Because of the glamour of the Grammy's and the high profile celebrity connection, a spot in the swag bag can boost brand awareness and possibly lead to a bump in sales.

According to Fortune magazine, nominees and performers at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards were presented with gift bags each stuffed with $22,000 worth of lavish items. Here's a peek at some of the luxury loot.

Hilton_Head.png1. Wellness Package

"The most expensive gift was a $6,180 Fit Club TV Ultimate Fitness Package, which includes seven nights at a Hilton Head Island fitness resort, complete with menu planning, sessions with a life coach, a customized fitness plan and workout gear." - New York Post


Screen_Shot_2016-02-16_at_3.41.09_PM.png2. Ultherapy Treatment

"The swag bag also contained a $5,500 certificate for Ultherapy — a noninvasive skin-tightening technique" - New York Post

More specifically, ultherapy is FDA-cleared procedure to non-surgically lift the eyebrow, neck and under-chin.


3cocktails.png. Mixology Services

"A $2,250 gift card for vegan cocktail service by the LA-based Natural Mixologist." - New York Post

Natural Mixologist offers custom cocktails for private or corporate events, parties, charity fundraisers, mixology class and even beverage consulting.



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