4 hotel social media mistakes you need to avoid

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Jun 23, 2015 12:15:45 PM
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We live in a world driven by technology, where people’s expectations are higher than ever. Instant gratification, immediate response and information as well as highly personalized solutions are required. Nowhere is there greater demand for this than in the luxury marketplace where discerning customers, who have adopted social media as a way of life, gravtiate to services and brands who embrace it. But hotel social media best practices are changing, and the organizations that succeed will be those that truly deliver. Below are the 4 common mistakes you need to avoid--and some may surprise you.


 1. Prioritizing quality content over reach

Years ago, the name of the game was to create high-quality content that engaged your fans and followers. If you had X amount of page followers, you assumed your posts would be seen by at least a good portion of your audience. With the excess amount of social media content that is produced each day, and with social media networks changing their newsfeed algorithms constantly, reach is no longer a guarantee. Now, consistent with the evoluation of all "freemium" models, you have to pay-to-play, usually in the form of advertising. 


2. Prioritizing reach over quality content

Brands cannot throw content quality out the door just because they are paying for a guaranteed audience. The reason? If your posts are extraordinary, people will like, comment on, or retweet that content, and that means people are sharing it with their personal networks at no added cost to you. Creating interesting, high-quality posts is still hugely important because it is how you get more bang for your buck. Ultimately reach and quality content go hand-in-hand.


3. Spamming guests with irrelevant, promotional content

Social media advertising is unique in that you are not broadly distributing one message across a wide audience. Instead, you have the power to target your content to guests based on their online behavior, demographics and location just to name a few. Broadcasting a single promotional message across a large audience won't attract or intrigue your target audience. Relevance is key to capturing the attention of discerning hotel guests on social media.


4. Avoiding paid social media because it is costly and complicating

For hotels to succeed, social media networks must be treated the same way as any other credible digital marketing platform. Many hotel brands hire social media 'gurus' to manage their social channels, but these mavens may have a tendency to post to social media the same way they post to their personal channels every day, and therefore they ignore social media advertising all together. Social advertising may seem intimidating or expensive for this platform, but when deployed correctly, it is a highly efficient and effective marketing tool.


How do you get started with paid social media? Click below to better understand the best practices you need to succeed in social media today:

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