3 great examples of hotel guest personalization

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Jul 9, 2015 5:26:00 PM
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A recent survey by InterContinental Hotels Group revealed that 59 percent of travelers are significantly more comfortable during a hotel stay when they feel that the experience is personalized. But what is hotel guest personalization and how does it affect the bottom line for a hotel? Below are three ways to use in-room technology to personalize a guest's stay and generate more revenue.

 1. Personalized in-room digital messaging

SmartTouchGuests want to feel recognized when they arrive at your hotel. Ditch the paper welcome notes and opt for a 21st century greeting by displaying your guest's name on an in-room iPad. With Incentient technology, hotel staff can also add a custom message to the in-room device instantly from any computer anywhere in the world. These simple but effective touches help show the guest you care about them.

What this means for your business: Studies have shown that when a guest feels recognized, they build a stronger affinity with the brand and are more inclined to spend money with them in the future.


2. Real-time property updates and destination information

SmartTouchNowhere is there greater demand for instant gratification than in the luxury marketplace where discerning customers, who have adopted technology as a way of life, embrace services and brands who provide it. With in-room technology, hotels can spotlight timely information that guest's may find helpful, such as nearby attractions, weather forecasts and on-property events.

What this means for your business: A recent Smith Micro Hospitality survey found that 83% of guests want access to hotel service promotions (ex. restaurant, bar and spa) on mobile devices, such as an iPad. By promoting your property's offerings, you increase the likelihood that guests will take advantage of them.


3. Custom branded ePostcard features

SmartTouch"Have a great time! WIsh you were here!" Everybody loves a postcard and technology should not replace the timeless traditions people enjoy. On Incentient's software, guests can use your property's branded imagery to create custom postcards that they can then send to friends and family directly from the iPad. After selecting a postcard image, guests simply add a thoughtful message and hit send without even getting up from bed.

What this means for your business: Not only do these interactive features build the relationship between your hotel and the guest, but vivid postcard imagery inspires others to travel to your destination.

Personalization is just one way to increase guest spending at the hotel. Download our free eBook below to learn the other tactics you need to know:

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