3 Boutique Travel Marketing Trends

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on May 12, 2015 2:36:00 PM
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An emphasis on local, unique experiences has caused a rise in boutique travel. Small-but-mighty boutique destinations are ditching billboard campaigns and glossy magazine ads for personalized, thoughtful marketing that makes an impact. Below are three trends happening now in the boutique travel marketing arena.

1. Marketing when guests are most receptive

As opposed to interrupting people when they’re trying to do something else, boutique travel brands are seeing success by getting in front of people when they’re interested or looking for that brand interaction. Content marketing is rising in popularity as boutique brands offer valuable information that helps guests make better decisions, such as where to visit, how to get there and what to do.

Ocean House uses Incentient in-room technology to educate guests on nearby activities when the guest is looking to discover something new.


 2. Inspiring guests during their travels

Getting guests in the front door is the first step, but encouraging guests to take advantage of the hotel’s amenities enhances the guest experience and increases revenue for the hotel.

The Inn at Windmill Lane uses Incentient technology to cross-promote its restaurant, spa and events while guests are in their rooms.

Inn at Windmill Lane 

3. Emphasizing engagement over reach

Boutique travel brands are moving away from traditional advertising and investing in marketing channels that provide quality engagement with the right people at the right time. Brands have leveraged social media to find those moments when guests are sharing photos from their travels or planning their next trip, and they’re interacting with guests to build a more personal one-on-one relationship.

Hotel Jerome uses Twitter to help guests plan their next vacation.

Hotel Jerome Twitter

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