4 Menu Design Tips to Increase Revenue

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Apr 6, 2015 4:01:00 PM
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Thoughtfully crafted menus can grab the guest's attention and increase the probability that he or she will order certain items. Yet so often, the menu is designed without much consideration for the decision-making process that goes into each order.

Restaurants are missing out on significant revenue bumps by neglecting proper menu techniques. Below are 4 unconventional ways you can step up your menu game immediately and start bringing in more revenue.


1. Embrace the white space

Only about one third of your menu is actually read, so lengthy descriptions may be overwhelming and actually turn guests away from certain items. Give their eyes some breathing room by using concise language and leveraging the white space in between menu sections. Instead of speed-reading through your menu, guests will consume more of your menu at a steady pace.


2. Add a menu item guests won’t order

Hear us out on this one. Restaurants have seen success by adding an item slightly pricier than the others to make the rest of the menu feel more approachable by comparison. Even if guests don’t order the item, this warms guests up to the idea of spending more than they normally would have.


3. Pay special attention to where the eye is not naturally drawn on your menu

Understanding the prime real estate on your menu helps you direct attention to popular or featured items. But what about the dishes that are selling despite their less-than-ideal location on the menu? This is a good indicator of a popular item that would perform well in the upper-right portion of your menu, or anywhere else where guests eyes are naturally drawn. Not sure where your guests are naturally drawn? We can help with that.


4. Keep menus easily available

The simplest way to get more from your menu is to make it accessible. Leaving the menu at the bar or neatly at the table invites guests to peruse at their own pace without being intrusive.



Menu design can increase revenue once the guest is sitting down, but how do you get them in the door? Download our free eGuide, “The Simple Way to Attract More Restaurant Guests” to learn more.

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