3 Ways Your Digital Restaurant Menu Connects You to Your Guests

Posted by Jennifer Martucci on Apr 30, 2015 1:39:42 PM
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A strong POS can offer brilliant reporting features and robust inventory management for all-things-post-sale, but knowing what your guests selected is only half of the story. Below are three insights you could be capturing from your digital restaurant menu to build stronger food and beverage offerings and assist staff in making better recommendations.

1. What the guest considered first before making their selection

The guest may have landed on that $50 bottle of wine, but what if they had been considering a $500 bottle of wine first? By understanding what your guests are considering during the selection process, you can upsell them.

The Solution: Incentient's SmartCellar Analytics technology offers restaurants the power to understand what guests are naturally drawn to at the very beginning of the menu selection process.


2. How your guests are making sense of your menu

Naturally, it’s beneficial to organize your menu in a way that’s easy for your guests to scan. The problem is every restaurant has different types of guests, which makes it difficult to know your guests’ menu preferences.

The Solution: Incentient technology allows guests to sort the menu in different ways. For example, when guests are browsing the wine list, they can sort by country, grape or type, based on their preferred method. Attribution and Navigation Analytics allows you to see trends in how your guests are perusing the menu, which gives you insight into how you can structure your menu.


3. How browsing preferences change over time

Are guests truly more interested in red wine during the cold months? Learning how your guests’ preferences change over time can help you identify what your guests are truly curious about. This allows you to build stronger seasonal menus.

The Solution: Incentient's Total Category View does just that. See how wine compares against classic cocktails over time, for example.

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These are just three opportunities to uncover more about your guests with SmartCellar. Want to learn more about SmartCellar analytics? Download our free eBook, "6 SmartCellar Analytics to Better Connect with Your Guests"

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