3 Beverage Program Adjustments For a Successful Spring

Posted by Juliette Murphy on Apr 22, 2015 1:34:06 PM
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As the snow melts and the warmer weather approaches, restaurant industry professionals can breathe a sigh of relief for surviving another winter. Knowing that summer is quickly approaching, diners are more inclined to make their way out for a great meal or even just a drink. Spring has officially arrived & represents a time of renewal and an opportunity to start fresh. Just as food menus will begin to reflect the change in seasons so should beverage menus. Here are a few things to keep in mind while adjusting your beverage program for spring.


Adjust your wine list

As the warmer weather approaches, those who imbibe will begin to steer away from the big, bold red wines that give us so much comfort in winter and turn more towards sparkling wines, Rosé’s, bright whites & light reds. Rosé wines are almost synonymous with spring time as they are the perfect change of pace from winter to spring. Not only are there plenty of styles of Rosé to choose from, but Rosé is also very versatile when being paired with food.


Think fresh

While transitioning your cocktail program to spring, remember to integrate ingredients that are fresh, readily available and in-season. Spring time means fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, herbs & flowers. With ingredients such as rhubarb, mangoes, sage, & lavender you have the ability to create not only delicious cocktails but visually stunning ones as well. And since these fresh ingredients are now in season they will cost less, lowering overall cost.


Celebrate in Spring

While overhauling your beverage program keep in mind all the activities that take place during spring. From holidays to sporting events, spring is not only jam packed with reasons to celebrate, but also ideas for great cocktails & beer. The Kentucky Derby & the Preakness bring to mind Kentucky straight bourbon & Maryland rye whiskey, while Cinco de Mayo inspires thoughts of tequila & mezcal. Mother’s Day is a day for sparkling, pink & purple cocktails (think French 75s, Aviations & Cosmos). Yet these are great cocktails for any day in spring! And be sure to have your IPA’s, Hefeweizens & Kölschs ready to pour! With all the sporting events going on in spring, craft beer & beer cocktails should never be overlooked.

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